Monday, May 10, 2010

Have we forgotten?

I am distraught.

What is this country in which we live? The land of the free and home of the brave? Since when do we radically change American ideology as to not offend the minority? Yes, America is about the individual. But, we also live in a free democracy. Growing up, there was a phrase used many a time in settling arguments: Majority rules. So, I propose that until the majority of Americans believe that: is okay to remove "In God We Trust" from our national currency.
...we shouldn't pray before football games or in our schools. is okay to kill the innocent life of an unborn baby.
...a person should only make so much $$$. is okay to remove the history of our founding fathers from textbooks. issues are civil rights.
...we should legalize the institution of un-natural unions.
((and the list goes on))

Until we as a unified country believe these things, I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK.

Why all of a sudden is it not okay to be a Christian? Why should we feel guilty if we are financially successful? Why are we considered racist for simply wanting every American to be legal? Why is it wrong to want our borders secure in order to protect our families?


We are smearing the American flag and everything that it represents in the mud.

Yes, the mud. When did America become a place that was so intently focused on accepting "everyone", that we are now offending the very men and women who fought for our nation and died for the ideals it represents?

Yes, Americans have the freedom to worship as and who they please. Americans have the freedom to succeed AND to fail. We have the freedom to say and publish what we think and how we feel. We have a Constitution that beautifully depicts a free democracy in which every individual is valued and given opportunity...

Why aren't we following it?

The whole reason for this post is that I read an article today on a mosque that is to be built close to Ground Zero. NO. That is NOT okay. I definitely realize not every Muslim is responsible for the massacre on 9/11. But, at the expense of sounding cliche, I ask you: Have you forgotten?

Have You Forgotten - The best video clips are right here

I just want America to know:I am offended.

I am offended as a Christian. I am offended as a white, educated, middle-class female. I am offended as the granddaughter of two United States' servicemen. Most importantly, I am offended as an AMERICAN.

We are a nation who has men and women DIE every, single day for what America represents. Yes, DIE. They give their lives so we could live life as we do everyday. And, how do we repay them?

We sit around, staring at our TVs in disgust and watch our government take away our freedom. We send kids home from school for wearing American flags to school. We allow the killing of unborn babies. We build mosques at the foot of the site in which Islamic extremists massacred American civilians. We allow hard-working Americans to be killed because we won't push to secure our borders.

I'm sick and tired of watching politics be played. It's RIGHT and WRONG. Who are we as a people if we just succumb to those who don't have America as their top priority. So, after this rant, what is there to do? Is all hope lost?

No. The answer for me is simple. I'm getting actively involved. This is NOT the answer for everyone. I know many, like my sweet parents, have jobs. They're busy raising families, working hard, and serving their communities. They can't just put their lives on hold as I am able to do at this point. But, still... it's easy.

Get involved--in whatever capacity you see fit. It doesn't take much. It's as simple as reading your newspaper. Praying. Watching the nightly news or checking things out online. Distribute information via Facebook or Twitter. Get involved on a campaign. Give $5 to a candidate you believe in. More importantly, VOTE. It's as simple as that.

Sidenote:If you don't vote, you shouldn't live in America. Go to a country where they don't value your opinion.

Do whatever you think is appropriate to exercise your right to live in a free America!

It's not enough anymore, nor has it EVER been mind you, to just say you are an American. Being an American is more than just a national affiliation. It requires action.

Break our hearts, O God, break our hearts.
For the sin, in our lives, break our hearts.
For the sin, in our land, break our hearts.
We cry out, we need your hand. Come back to our land.
We confess, we've lived in sin. Come show your power once again.