Saturday, January 9, 2010

Glyn lately...:)

So, since I haven't posted in a month, and considering I just made a major life-change, I decided a little blogging was in order. However, I have a ton to do, so we'll make this fast. :)

1. I graduated from Baylor on the 19th of December! EEEK! It wasn't without a little drama, though...checked my grades on Wednesday before Saturday of graduation to find I had "failed" my Spanish class (in which passing was pertinent to me graduating). Come to find out, I made an A--my professor didn't know my name was "Leslie" Glyn Wright. Who'da thunk it??
2. Left early for Nana's in Missouri with Dad and Averey and was stuck there all week without Mom, Syd, or Jordan. :( Very different Christmas. Syd calls it the great Christmas disaster.
3. I just moved to St. Louis. Remember all that uncertainty I had a month ago?? --the Lord reveals His plans, in His perfect time. :) I'll be interning with an incredible organization, Eagle Forum, this spring. Check 'em out...
4. I've learned (or been reminded of) several valuable lessons over the past month, some more important than others:
--Christmas just isn't Christmas without family.
--Things aren't always what they seem.
--Patience is a virtue.
--Energy drinks are never good on an empty stomach.
--Cuddle duds are a necessity in Missouri.
--Sometimes the hardest things to do are the most worthwhile.
And, the most important...

More to come...
Blessings on your week!!! :)

Just a few pics...

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